A New Day for a New Roon

Happy Wednesday!

Here’s the recent standings.

Atlanta              .568

Baltimore           .535

St. Louis            .533

LA Dodgers       .522

Kansas City       .489

Boston               .455

Pittsburgh          .409




Time for another new room

So here is another room for you.  The last one was selling like old socks and BO.  Please remember to bath at least once a week while using this room.  Your fellow roonies appreciate it.   Also whoever is peeing on my tires……  I installed a camera……   Go ahead do it again! 

Oh and before I forget on a serious note. We actively prevent lurkers from viewing the page.  The RR is doing this as well.  We are working with them to help identify lurkers at both sites.  As long as you have posted at one of the rooms we’ll make sure you don’t end up being removed.  If you find yourself removed by accident just leave a note and we’ll fish you out of the cesspool.